The Advanced Diving Group.

 The ADG was formed just before the 1976 Diving season to cater for those divers of 2nd class standard and above who were in search of more adventurous diving than that available at Branch Level or who wished to get away occasionally from some of the constraints of diving with their own Branches. The Group has had many successful seasons organising dives all around the British Coastal Waters, usually from “hard” boats and on many difficult sites. A high standard of diving and an elevated level of safety has always been maintained on these expeditions.

The fact that the ADG dives included members of NORFED form many different Branches has encouraged the exchange of diving techniques and experiences as well as the methods of advanced diving and experience gained have been taken back and put into practice in many Branches throughout the North West, North East and Yorkshire, indeed in other areas of the Country.

There is no separate fee for ADG membership although members pay a nominal levy each time they attend an expedition. Divers are expected to be experienced and MUST be recommended by their Branch Diving Officer.

The activities of the ADG are co-ordinated by the Diving Officer of NORFED. However, expeditions are led and organised by members of different branches within the Federation. Involvement with the ADG is an excellent way to widen your diving horizons, both in terms of “long distance” dives and in terms of finding out how other divers do it! Diving with the ADG will also help you to go forward with your learning curve and therefore moving into other areas such as “The Photographic Group and the Technical Diving”

Figure 2 The raising of part of the Spitfire “Loch Doon”

Figure 3 ADG aboard “British Diver”