About us.

The Northern Federation of Dive Clubs was Founded in 1958 shortly after the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC), it is in fact now the last of the Federations to exist in the country, all the others have closed.

The federation was established to provide a much-needed HUB for all type of Scuba Diving Clubs in the North West/North East of England and to communicate with other clubs and divers in that area.

This longevity is due to the unstinting efforts of its (ageing) officers and volunteer members. NORFED’s primary aim was and is the promotion of the interests of divers both locally, nationally and internationally. To promote communication between clubs for divers to enjoy their diving and joint opportunities with other clubs, by jointly visiting diverse dive sites and experiencing many varied types of diving experiences as possible.

From the days of its inception NORFED has had a unique history of pioneering, many of the common practices now found in diving, were they were previously only available in the South of England. We were the first group to purchase a Portable Oxygen Unit and train many people from the member clubs in the safe use of the equipment.

Spitfire in the Lake District: Amongst our crowning achievements has been the raising of a Spitfire in the Lake District in the 1970’s.

The Dolly in Ullswater: The Dolly was discovered by accident early in 1960, during a diving expedition. After several exploratory dives on the vessel, it became obvious that, even though she was buried in the mud from the stern forward to the cabin, and she lay in some 45 feet of chilly water, a steamer of great importance and interest had been discovered. The salvage operation was completed in November 1962. After conservation, DOLLY was finally first steamed in August 1965.

We are a very friendly group and we would welcome new members either as individuals or Clubs. The one thing I can guarantee is you will be given a very warm welcome.

To join simply contact our membership secretary Barbara Findlow at bfindlow@hotmail.co.uk OR Robin Hoods Cottage, Wakefield Road, Mirfield WF14 0BU

NORFED Committee List

CHAIRPERSON BARBARA FINDLOW 01924 494002 bfindlow@hotmail.co.uk
SECRETARY JOHN PARKINSON 0161 339 4446 johnparkinson2@hotmail.co.uk
TREASURER BARBARA FINDLOW 01924 494002 bfindlow@hotmail.co.uk
DIVING CO-ORDINATOR NOBBY CLARK 01484 846819 nobby.clark@delta-neu.co.uk
GENERAL MEMBERS BOB FINDLOW 07799 894492 bfindlow@hotmail.co.uk
WENDY PICKERING 01924 438434 wendypickering@hotmail.com
KEN CROW 0113 257 2112 k.crow@ntlworld.com
LINDSEY FELL 01942 818002 lindsey@dive.uk.net
GARY FELL 01942 818002 info@divetheazores.com
GEOFFREY PRINCE 0151 639 7416 geoffrey@geoffreyprince.com http://geoffreyprince.com/

Treasurer’s Address: – Mrs B Findlow
Robin Hoods Cottage, Wakefield Road, Mirfield WF14 0BU.
Email bfindlow@hotmail.co.uk

NORFED is run by a small group of volunteers who meet quarterly. These meetings are used to discuss the various aspects of NORFED. Any member may attend the meeting and their views are most welcome. They are also very welcome to stand for election at the AGM.