About us.

The Northern Federation of Dive Clubs was Founded in 1958 shortly after the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC), it is in fact now the last of the Federations to exist in the country, all the others have closed.

The federation was established to provide a much-needed HUB for all type of Scuba Diving Clubs in the North West/North East of England and to communicate with other clubs and divers in that area.

This longevity is due to the unstinting efforts of its (ageing) officers and volunteer members. NORFED’s primary aim was and is the promotion of the interests of divers both locally, nationally and internationally. To promote communication between clubs for divers to enjoy their diving and joint opportunities with other clubs, by jointly visiting diverse dive sites and experiencing many varied types of diving experiences as possible.

From the days of its inception NORFED has had a unique history of pioneering, many of the common practices now found in diving, were they were previously only available in the South of England. We were the first group to purchase a Portable Oxygen Unit and train many people from the member clubs in the safe use of the equipment.