5th May 2019 - 1:00 pm

Rope off at 1 pm – Eyemouth Harbour Wall
PM Afternoon – (In Shore) Hard-Boat Trip
X 2 Dives From “WAVEDANCER” (With with diver lift)

£45 Per person.
10-12 Maximum number.
20 – 30 Metre Range.

Minimum Qualifications (Sports Diver or Above)

Eyemouth harbour wall

(8 to 30 m) Black Carrs are a group of rocks north of St Abbs. The site includes a confusing jumble of very large boulders with diverse marine life including anemones and dead men’s fingers, congers and often wolf fish.

(5 to 20 m) Ty’s tunnel as the name suggests, is a great swim through, a tunnel which has plenty of life in it. You can only enter this tunnel on high water as the entrance is high up, it starts shallow and works its way through and out.

*You can confirm with us on Facebook and the submit on the booking form below. If you request a place this must be paid for whether you dive or not – reasonably, nearer the diving date. No training will take place on these trips and you will have to prove you are suitably qualified.

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