Photographic Competition

The annual Photographic Competetion is a chance for Norfed members to compete for the prestigious Photographer of the Year trophy. The judging is done at the Annual Dinner, where all the entries are displayed for all the guests to see and appreciate.
Download your entry forms for this years competition.

Photographic Competition 2017 - 1st Place, Dawn Fearn

2nd Place, Lindesy Arnold

3rd Place, Dawn Fearn

Photographic Competition 2017 - Diving is Fun 1st Place, Bob Findlow






Previous Winners

Photographic Competition 2016 - Digital 1st Place, Tim Saville

Digital 2nd Place, Tim Saville

Digital 3rd Place, Tim Saville

Photographic Competition 2016 - Audio Visual 1st Place, Andrew Tomlinson

Audio Visual - 1st Place, Andrew Tomlinson

Audio Visual - Damian Groves

Audio Visual - Tim Saville

Audio Visual - Andrew Tomlinson

Audio Visual - Andrew Tomlinson

Photographic Competition 2015 - Prints 1st Place, Michael Dalby

Prints 2015 - 2nd Place, Michael Dalby

Photographic Competition 2015 - Digital Slides 1st Place, Barbara Findlow

Digital Slides 2015 - 3rd Place, Barbara Findow

Photographic Competition 2015 - Audio Visual - 1st Place, Maureen Walsh

Audio Visual 2015 - 2nd Place, Barbara Findlow

Photographic Competition 2014 - Winner - by Michael Dalby

2014 2nd Place - Damian Groves

2014 3rd Place - Ian Connell

2013 - Photographic Winner - Moray by Andrew Pepper

2012 - One of the winning pictures by Alison Gleadhill (Harrogate Branch BSAC)

2011 Colour Prints Winner - Shark off the Azores by Gary Fell

2011 Digital Winner - Ramoras at Playa del Carmen by Ros Parmenter

2011 DVD Winner - Red Sea Adventure by Barbara Findlow

2010 Winner - Turtle by Matt Walker




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